Winter ADD/ADHD Blues

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

For those of us that have ADD and ADHD at this time of year in colder climates, it can present its challenges. Being limited in activities is difficult.  At least in my world, if I’m not moving around I become less productive. It can be very difficult to stay motivated when the weather is bad, but challenges make us stronger.

Identify a way of staying active and stick with it. I cannot stress this enough. With my clients, those that stay active are always more productive. Even though it’s difficult to feel motivated when it’s extremely cold, don’t give up. You’ll feel much better when you accomplish a goal.

For children, it becomes an even bigger challenge. It’s very important for kids with ADD and ADHD to move around. Find activities they can do both at home and with peers.

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