ADD/ADHD & Executive Functioning Coaching Moment…The Home Stretch

Most students, teachers and parents are burned out. The school year has been very difficult and everyone is ready for the summer. ADD, ADHD and Executive Functioning learners are no exception. Most are falling into the dangerous habit of checking-out before school has ended. This leads to a dangerous precedent of possible personal sabotage.

Learners with these challenges need to be pushed. As I always advise my clients, the mind of ADD, ADHD and Executive Functioning individuals is running a marathon every day. Even the smallest tasks are difficult. However, there is still time to finish strong. Here are some of the suggestions I am making to clients…

  • Build in break time to study time
  • Identify a comfortable place to study
  • If something is still not understood, ask for help
  • Be sure to eat, drink and sleep healthy. Try to avoid dangerous foods, drinks and a lack of sleep
  • Talk about the challenges ahead. It’s OK to be frustrated and angry
  • Find a good and organized study partner
  • Exercise
As a parent, do not put any additional stress on students. While chores are important, if something doesn’t get done exactly the way you want it don’t make a huge deal of it…pick and choose your battles. Trust me that the stress of this time of the year is overwhelming and doesn’t need to be exacerbated by a small chore not getting done. As long as your child is engaged in the school process, that needs to take priority.
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