ADD/ADHD & Executive Functioning Coaching Moment…Staying On-Task

Being productive in my sessions is the most obvious part of my job. If I am not productive, chances are that clients will not see much benefit to my work. While I understand this, some of my clients have an issue with staying on-task.  This makes my work more challenging. Despite this, there is still much to be gained from refocusing a client.

As I’ve mentioned before, individuals with ADD, ADHD and Executive Functioning concerns often create conflict to avoid conflict. Why deal with the matter at hand when you can make it about everything else? When I have clients that attempt this strategy, I turn the conversation back towards the issue at hand. Obviously, I have been doing this for a long time both personally and professionally. But here are some simple things I advise clients and families to do away from sessions…

  • Write down the specific issue
  • Do not engage in arguments outside of the issue at hand
  • Try not to bring irrelevant information into the argument
  • Do not pull files or remind people of past actions/situations
  • Settle the problem…do not let it linger

When these suggestions are in place, conversations always end up being much more productive and helpful. Remember, nothing will get accomplished if everyone is off-task. Hold to the matter at hand…It is really difficult but it will help everyone stay focused.


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  1. New to the wordpress blogosphere, but I started an account to journal my experience as a beginning psychologist recently diagnosed with ADHD. I experienced a major professional setback when faculty deemed me unprepared to continue in the clinic due to significant difficulties in staying on top of paperwork. I look forward to reading through your posts as a professional and a person. Cheers!

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