Feeling Productive with ADD, ADHD and Executive Functioning Concerns

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

People with ADD, ADHD and Executive Functioning generally have a difficult time feeling productive. Just because one is productive doesn’t mean that the person feels productive.

Take my client Shirley. She’s a perfect example. Shirley is a successful adult that transitioned from being an excellent attorney to a stay-at-home mom. While Shirley is a great mother, her her personal routine had to change. Instead of being able to quantify her success through winning cases and bonuses, she now is finding it difficult to feel successful with her son (she’s a fantastic mother). It causes her to question herself, her abilities and if she is being productive.

This isn’t uncommon for many adults that transition from the workplace to being a stay-at-home parent. Success cannot be measured in a quantitative form, so it is difficult to understand success. This also leads the stay-at-home parent to neglect other areas. I strongly recommend to clients making this move to visualize what success would look like and then lay out some benchmarks and goals before making the transition. It is SO important that this transition is planned because it is much more difficult than we realize. I speak from personal experience because I dealt with this transition as well when my son was born. I loved every minute of it but questioned myself regularly.

What about other transitions you might ask (school, job, relationship, location, etc.)? Apply the same principal to that type of move. Creating the concept of success helps makes this transition smooth.

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