Returning from a Vacation with ADD, ADHD and Executive Functioning Concerns

Image courtesy of stockphotos /

Image courtesy of stockphotos /

Having ADD and ADHD and traveling isn’t always easy. It takes us outside of our comfort zone and adjusting to the change is a difficult proposition. We become creatures of routine, so when something changes that, it can create stress.

So returning can be just as difficult. This involves transitioning from the vacation mindset to the work mindset. As many of you know, this is very difficult. Instead of being on a relaxed schedule, we now need to be on a tighter one. I suggest beginning this transition the night before your return to your regular life. Set a list of goals to accomplish by the end of the week. Wake up with a purpose, and that is helping with the transition. Expecting to be at your best can be a recipe for added stress and frustration.

I’d advise setting specific short-term goals to ease your way back into work. Don’t start anything drastic and stay within a comfort zone. This works for me and I find it is a good strategy for my clients.

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