ADD, ADHD and Executive Functioning Coaching…Beginning the Journey

Image courtesy of chanpipat /

Image courtesy of chanpipat /

I always advise clients about the process that’s involved with coaching for ADD, ADHD and Executive Functioning. It isn’t just a quick fix, but the beginning of a journey to better manage one’s needs. Some clients can resist at first, but sticking with coaching should improve performance if it’s a fit.

I cater my work to the individual client. To do this I need to acclimate myself to his or her needs. Creating a relationship and finding common interests are a key. If there’s no relationship, it makes it difficult to effectively work together. I’m asking a client to trust me, so creating a strong relationship is a key to this whole process.

I do not offer a cure in a can, promise better grades or make any guarantees, but if a client wants to improve performance, we can accomplish this together. But having a strong relationship is the key.

My advice to anyone seeking a coach is to be sure there’s a comfort level and that you can see working with the coach for the long-term. Any initial doubts are an obstacle that may not be overcome.

For more information on my ADD, ADHD and Executive Functioning coaching, please visit To learn more information about some of the other services I provide, please visit and I can be found on Twitter at ADHDEFCoach. You can also find me on Facebook and Tumblr. My good friend and fellow ADD/ADHD Coach Tara McGillicuddy invites me as a regular guest on ADD/ADHD Support Talk Radio. Tara does many wonderful things and you should check out her website here. Feel free to email me at or call 773.888.ADHD (2343) with any additional questions.

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