Taking a Moment with ADD and ADHD

Image courtesy of  chokphoto/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of chokphoto/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

One of my biggest self-observations is that I have a difficult time taking a moment to smell the roses. I am always looking for something to do and will miss moments. While I have been getting better at appreciating these times, it is still something I need to address. This is one of the biggest complaints of my adult ADD/ADHD clients as well.

One reason why I enjoy going to my downtown Chicago office once a week is to work on this concept. I really enjoy people watching, and this gives me a perfect opportunity to do so. I will take a few moments out of my day to sit in a local coffee shop or restaurant by the window and watch people stroll by the joint. It is not because I am a busy-body or anything, I just seem to enjoy watching people hustle and bustle around town.

By practicing this strategy, I’ve also been able to apply this at home with my family. Considering that I am a gadget nerd, I always seem to have one fairly close at all-times. I’ve been trying to reduce my screen time in an attempt to engage more with my family. I do not want you to think my nose is always in a device or anything, but having a tablet device (I own two) allows me to respond to an email or work on a project. There’s a happy medium, and I am working on being less electronically dependent during family time. Realizing that things can wait is something I need to recognize. While getting something completed quickly is one of my coping strategies, not responding immediately to an email or text isn’t the end of the world. Finding balance is a key.

All of these gadgets make the world a smaller and more convenient place. Because it makes our lives easier, we actually have less quality in-person interactions and more electronic conversations.  My wife and I will leave our various electronics in our car when we go out to a meal because we actually want to have a conversation without worrying about being in touch with other people. I would recommend this to everyone…try going to a meal without any electronics. You will actually find it refreshing. As I tell my wife…everyone I need to talk with is right at this table.

For more information on my ADD, ADHD and Executive Functioning coaching, please visit www.adhdcoachchicago.com. To learn more information about some of the other services I provide, please visit www.carrolleducationalgroup.com and www.iepexperts.com. I can be found on Twitter at ADHDEFCoach. You can also find me on Facebook and Tumblr. My good friend and fellow ADD/ADHD Coach Tara McGillicuddy invites me as a regular guest on ADD/ADHD Support Talk Radio. Tara does many wonderful things and you should check out her website here. Feel free to email me at jonathan@adhdefcoach.com or call 773.888.ADHD (2343) with any additional questions.

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