Looking in the Rear View Mirror…My Experiences at the 2011 CHADD Conference

As I was landing in Chicago last evening, our plane had a difficult landing thanks to the strong winds of Chicago. Despite the plane rocking and rolling, the pilot had one of the softest landing I can remember. He received a loud ovation for his efforts. It made me think that my journey with ADHD probably has a lot of similarities to that flight and landing as well as many of you reading this piece.

The CHADD conference was an amazing experience. Being in a place with so many other people that get it was refreshing. I knew I was surrounded by friends.  It’s not the kind of friends that I have to call every day, it’s the kind of friends that understand the ADHD experience. This conference features the who’s who of the ADHD world, and everyone was approachable. I met one of the realchampions for us ADHD people in Dr. Ned Hallowell (click here for his website).  His book, Driven to Distraction helped explain ADHD to the mainstream. It freed many of us from the shame of living with ADHD.

Anyone with ADHD in their lives personally or professionally needs to attend this conference. You will learn so much not only from the sessions and wonderful speakers, but from talking to other people. I conversed with countless people and learned so much about myself and others just by spending time together. When I was younger, I was ashamed of my ADHD. But this past weekend taught me to be proud of it. And the people in attendance all felt the same way. It’s a real treat to be with friends.

I’ll talk more about some of the individual sessions I attended later this week.

I can be found on Twitter at ADHDEFCoach. You can also find me on FacebookDigg and Tumblr. For more information on my work, check out www.carrolledu.com and www.iepexperts.com. Feel free to email me at jonathan@adhdefcoach.com if you have any additional questions. I’ve decided to start a support group for successful professionals with ADD and ADHD that live on Chicago’s North Shore. It will meet monthly on Fridays. For more details, please check out this link.

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