Traveling with ADD and ADHD


EuropeTraveling with ADD and ADHD can be a huge challenge. Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that it isn’t easy. But with proper planning, there’s no reason why we cannot take an enjoyable vacation.

My wife and I just returned from an amazing trip that took us to London, England and Paris, France. Usually, even the shortest trips that take me out of my comfort zone can be stressful. So I’m sure you can imagine what traveling to Europe can do to one’s state-of-mind. But I was very much looking forward to seeing these two amazing places and spending some quality time with my wife, so I needed to strategize ways to minimize my stress level and manage my ADD/ADHD.

I found that there are two important things one must do while traveling. The first is to keep moving. Instead of using transportation, my wife and I walked throughout both cities. We wanted to see as much as possible and stayed at centrally located properties. Let’s just say we logged a lot of miles, but it was worth it. Not only did we see some amazing sites, but we learned so much more about the countries on our feet. If walking isn’t possible, find ways to stay active. Being active is a key to being more focused.

The second part is to take breaks. Do not try to cram everything in! We would see a site, take a short break, and continue on our way. Whether it was having a nice meal or returning to our hotel room, we found ways to break up our days. Like most people with ADD/ADHD, I can get drained trying to take in a bunch of information. By taking the time to charge my batteries, I was more focused and engaged.

The last thing to keep in mind are the extremely long flights. In my case, I like watching movies or winding down while listening to music. My advice for anyone (especially parents) is find something that the traveling person with ADD/ADHD will enjoy. Sitting still for that amount of time can be torture, but having things that one wants to do makes the flight much more manageable.

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